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Martha (of Dancing Cats Studios) let us know Monday that Serve It Cold now has 580 subscribers on Podiobooks.com and 150-200 subscribers on DCS feed.  At 700, we are 7/10 of the way to my personal goal!

Keep up the good work, everyone.  Tell everyone you know about the book and ask them to subscribe!  And, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Friday . . .

I am so glad!

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Writing Conference

Last weekend, Ronnie and I attended The 8th Annual Gulf Coast Writer’s Conference in Panama City, FL. It was a very interesting experience, enjoyable in some ways and leaving me a little baffled in others. Despite Michael Lister‘s almost continuous reassurances about writer’s support for one another, I didn’t see or feel much of that. Nor did I see much in the way of the Agent/Publisher support. I just got an overwhelming feeling of a good number of people who were very jaded about the publishing process. And, of course, there were a lot of newbies like me…people who fancy themselves writers — writer wannabes. And, clearly, there were a few people like Ron: trained and inspired writers.

Now, I learned a good bit — or at least had what I knew (or thought I knew) confirmed, so it wasn’t a waste of time by any means. But there was lots more about how hard to get published it is than there was encouragement in how to get the job done. As the publisher said, “We’re not looking for reasons to keep your query; we’re looking for reasons to throw it out.” Not the most positive approach to things . . .

Will we do it again? Fortunately, I don’t have to decide that today. If I did, the answer would probably be “No, thanks.” I may, however, write Michael Lister an email or two and say what I wish had been there . . . more opportunities to talk to other authors, to meet people, to network, to gain hope and inspiration.

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Time passing

It cannot be a week since I’ve posted. No? Well, 8 days or so . . . time is just whizzing by so quickly and there is much work still to do:

• newsletter for Audubon group

• grant for Animal Shelter group

• grant for work (BIG grant)

• helping with THE WRITER‘s work — he mailed out 30 new query letters yesterday re: his newspaper columns! Yayyyyyy!

etc. And of course, there’s the work I’ve been getting done, like updating the Audubon website with info for the new program year, layout and editing the first-ever annual report for the Animal Shelter, helping 4 faculty with grants last week (just a little busy), proofing more on the second NOVEL for Ronnie, helping with wedding shower preparation for a nephew and his bride to be, and getting ready to travel this weekend to a Writer’s Conference.

So, yes, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I’ll put blogging on my TO-DO List so that I get back to it more regularly, even if it is just to check in and out.

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Family Affairs

This long weekend was our family (of choice) reunion. It was planned with an email or two, knowing that not all the members could come on such short notice, but it was, somehow, very important that those of us who consciously chose one another to include in our lives a very long time ago be together once again.

So, Ruth and Bill & their kids came from Miami, Jim from Atlanta; Nancy from Chattanooga; James, their son, and his two children from an hour north of Atlanta; Stephanie & Michael from here; and Jim & Liz hosted at their home in Hattiesburg with Christina, her son Rion and husband-to-be Chris in attendance. We so missed Buck and Ricki and Hannah (from Maine); Dotty & her scattered to the winds kids; Christina and her girls from Trenton, GA; Richard and Simone and their two babies from ???; and a host of others who have dropped in and out of the group.

I met Jim & Nancy (and their kids: Christina, James & Richard) in 1978, when I was 23; just a few months before my father had the heart attack that eventually killed him in 1979. I clung to the sanity and sanctuary they offered me like a drowning man to a life raft. I babysat their kids, traveled to workshops and events with their family, co-taught classes and helped coordinate events with them. I grew and grew and they helped me become the person I am today. They became my “family,” introducing me to many of the people I now call friends and whom I mentioned above.

When Jim and Nancy (our mom and dad figures) divorced, I despaired of what might become of my “family” over time. It was not “pretty.” People took sides. People became sworn enemies, refusing to speak to one another over it. Because we were all so close, so entwined, it was difficult to keep anger and disappointment at bay with mere love. But seeing them this weekend, still sharing their kids and grandkids, still sharing all of us who have depended and relied on them for parenting and guidance and love all these years, made me understand — again — that I can love someone without loving all their behavior, without loving all the things they do….maybe love really is enough if you can separate the love itself from object of love.

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