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Time Management is the name of the tune.

The Writer has stepped up the pace lately with production: two columns this week; working on final edit of new novel (SPITE); work on short stories; and, of course, the endless email, research, etc. that he is compelled to do. He’s even managed to set himself up an appointment calendar which I can share, so I have some idea of what he is committing himself (and sometimes me!) to. It’s all good….

But where is the new column he’s been talking about since November? Where’s the storyboard for the children’s book on the “boards”? What’s happening with column syndication? Where are the new business cards with correct contact info? Where are the blog postings? What about . . .

Okay, I could go on and on to no avail. And sometimes I do, although I try to reserve that for his ears only! He has trouble understanding why I’m so driven; I have problems understanding what he does all day, every day! I know that what I do in my work is not nearly the same as what he does, but, really — what’s the deal about writing two pages about something I know? If I took a week to write a two-page brief, I’d have been fired decades ago and never taken back into the workforce!

So, he gets frustrated with my frustration. Does it help either of us? Hardly….but we have yet to find a way out of the downward-spiraling conversation about time, projects, what comes when, how to allocate enough time but not too much to a column, etc. HELP! My real dilemma now is not to solve that problem but more to keep the lines of communication open….how can we continue to talk about these issues, try for understanding on both sides, and generally keep our sanity…and get stuff done, too.

Honestly, if you’ve got some insight about this, please share!  Until then, I’ve got 10 things to do today on my checklist………


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What a great life this is. Sitting in my office on Thursday and our friend Willie Pierce pops in to offer me a part-time contract job. Just a little “technical editing” gig that will provide some extra cash to help ease the tax season burden. Yea!

Last nite we drove down to the coast for an art exhibit opening (Negrotto’s Gallery) in Biloxi. The exhibit was the digitally remastered prints of John James Audubon, limited editions, and gorgeously fabulous. We were in awe at the wonderful work done by the artists who are releasing these prints as a fund-raiser for the National Audubon Society. Anyway, it was great and great fun. A number of people who knew The Writer or who knew who he was were on hand for meeting and greeting, and much networking was done by all.

Barry & Georgia drove over from Mobile to attend with us and for dinner and visiting afterward. Georgia got to meet the gallery owner, Romy, and make contacts there. Georgia and we talked about Penland this summer. And we generally got to catch up with what’s going on in their lives, making some plans for the upcoming book artwork, travel plans, etc. Before we knew it, it was 10:00 and we were closing the restaurant down. Time for the drive home (much longer coming home at 10 p.m. than going down at 4!), arriving near midnight, then tending to the house critters, so it was VERY late before we crashed and burned. And, of course, the dogs were ready to get up at 6, having slept 20 hours the day before!

Devil Peeking

Ron went to another artsy event with the H’burg Arts Council at lunch, while I met with Valerie to do Southern Pines Animal Shelter business, then dinner tonight with Beth, Rita, and Faye (yummmmm — thai). A very busy end of our week, and a good beginning to my long weekend.

We got the contract for the Dauphin Island rental in the mail today — can we really afford to do this?! Along with that contract was something from the state tax commission . . . I didn’t even open it, didn’t want to know. I signed the contract, addressed that envelope and stuck it out for post tomorrow. I went back to open the MTC envelope….might as well face that music! A check! For just about enough to pay for the house in April!

It is a good life. And we are very blessed! Just gotta keep the faith! Blessed be.

Oh, and the shared calendar now works just fine!

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Well, the big projects this week include

– finishing final edit on The Writer’s second novel, SPITE

– beginning scripting of podcast for SPITE

– reading/editing two dissertations and a proposal

– finding a way to have a shared calendar with The Writer.

Now, it seems that there are a lot of projects that would come before that last one, but we are already finding that we are developing conflicts in our life schedule as The Writer takes on more activities, engagements, etc. Working at home is one thing; leading bird tours, going to art gallery openings, etc., is an entirely different thing.

Don’t get me wrong! I want him to do these things and I think they contribute to his writing, his professionalism, and his marketability, but these activities are cutting into his writing time, meaning that time he does have at home in front of the computer becomes even more valuable, more precious. And, it means that I get even less of his attention when he is at home. So, having the shared calendar means that we each can have a daily sense of what the other is doing and how much demand we can make on him/her. And you wouldn’t think, with products like Google out there that this would be so difficult….but, somehow, it has been made into a mountain and two days later, it’s still not working! Urgggggggggggg! Frustration!

Yes, it’s true…this is as much for my benefit as his. He forgets that I’m the one with the full-time job and the part-time job (teaching/sitting on committees/student activities) in addition to the things I do as editor, researcher, etc. for him. I’m not complaining . . . I’m simply stating the facts, folks. I have to prioritize, too.

So, although I’ve been diligently working on the podcast scripts, that’s about to come to a screeching halt for the next week or two while I go into teacher mode and work on student dissertations, proposals, etc. We’ll see what the consequences are . . .

Stay tuned for on The Writer’s blog for Saturday’s new article. It will feature reader-submitted photos which are GREAT!

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March already. It hardly seems possible that winter is over (at least here in Mississippi), migration already begun, and true spring on its way. Today, in Vienna, VA where we are with Martha & Paul, it is 40s and sunny, the loveliest of winter days. We are waiting for Paul to return from a visit with Tee Morris, author and podcaster, and we will begin production of some readings here at the newly reconstituted production studio of Dancing Cat Studios.

There have been discussion of SPITE’s production into a podcast, planning on who will do what, and when action will take place, and, of course, there’s been writing, group writing, and website updating with Ronnie’s columns. No rest for anyone in this hole [sic] krewe (Ask Ron to tell you about that reference!).

Tomorrow we head back to Hattiesburg — home — with an increased workload, high hopes of continuing and increasing success with the next production, and the Writer in critical need of getting a column out for next Saturday’s Sun Herald.

It never ends, but it’s frequently a very fun ride….

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