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It’s the same old story but I have to keep telling it or my head will explode!

WHAT does he do with his time!?

Last week, in preparing for visitors, he had to submit three articles in order to be completely free this week from all writing responsibilities (as IF one ever really is!). So, no big deal. Done by Thursday.

Today, I come home from a morning of shopping and visiting with friends to find him all worked up in a lather. What? WHAT’S GOING ON? AFter 10 minutes of yelling at me about irrelevant stuff, he come around to this: he only submitted two articles last week and another one is due tomorrow. No picture yet for the article, dinner plans tonight, and more thunderstorms on the way, which means computers are powered down. WHAT????!

So, at every opportunity this week, he’s slipped away to the internet to do “research” on a dog breed that figures prominently in his second novel, SPITE. “No, no, this is nothing but research that I’ve wanted to do…all is well.” Then, this.

Honestly, I could kill him. The article is written. He even identified the picture he wanted to use (which he has now lost — yep, that took another 20 minutes of yelling to get out of him!), so why didn’t he just email the damned thing last week? I do not get it. I do not understand. I do not comprehend.

This is one of those days when, truly, I feel like I just got dropped on another planet and everyone is speaking some other language . . .

In the meantime, our guests, having witnessed that little scene (after having a littler one of their own, decide to beat a failrly hasty retreat to the mall so we all have a little break . . .

Dinner at Leatha’s. You should envy me, were it not for the other language . . .


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I’m on vacation this week.  Vacation this year means staying at home, and those of you who know me KNOW that I don’t stay home.  Loving travel almost as much as I love my 108 year old home, Ron and I hit the road at every available opportunity to visit family, family-of-choice, and places we’ve never been!  We LOVE to travel!

This year, with less money, the price of gas at all-time highs, and the heat of summer upon us, we are staying still and, for maybe the first time ever(!), I took a week of vacation to just be at home!  WOW!!

We are lucky that our family-of-choice from Miami came to us.  Bill, Ruth, John & Marion are here since Saturday and will leave on Thursday to continue their family vacation — on the road to Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, and Wisconsin before turning south again to head for Miami in time for Ruthie to report for teaching duty in Miami.  We are so lucky to have people come to us here, to enjoy our home and hearth and stove and Hattiesburg family with us here.

Today: long leisurely breakfast and pots of coffee and chat leading to haircut, vet, and grocery store.  In home before the thunderstorms that rattled the windows in our old beauty of a house.  Gumbo now on the stove for tonight…..it’s a really good life.  Come see us.

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This week The Writer and I have received several unexpected gifts and I’m feeling very blessed.  First was getting SPITE published on LULU and knowing that our friends have already bought some copies!  Wow!  Truly a gift!  A hard-earned gift!

Then came Ron’s mom’s good eye checkup –well, that wasn’t totally unexpected but it was a wonderful gift.  Her surgery to repair a hole in the macula was successful and, while not completely healed, it is healing and the surgeon has high hopes that it will stop, if not reverse, the degeneration she’s been experiencing.  She gets to keep her mobility and independence.  What a gift — for all of us!

Then a call to appear on a podcast chat on Sunday:  Tea and Chat with Stephen Kilbride, a great guy, good interviewer, and someone with a rare and wonderful sense of humor.  Also featuring Martha Holloway & Paul Fischer of Dancing Cat Studios. The podcast will be released on Monday, July 28th and I’ll link to it here.

Then a mysterious letter from Ron’s brother and sister-in-law from California and a wonderful gift!  The ability for Ron to continue writing for another year without worrying about finances — well, worrying less about finances! I feel very grateful to be part of a family who appreciates and loves each other, who have faith in one another, and who share their heartaches and bounty with one another.  So different from my own family of origin, so wonderful to be part of now, to have a chance to have that kind of family….

So, I’m wondering how many of you might have had unexpected gifts appear in the last week or two that you’d be willing to share?  It might have been something small, something almost unnoticed but that somehow made a difference to you . . . a phone call from a friend, a picture your child drew, a snuggle from a much-loved pet…it doesn’t matter.  Find something to be grateful for and share it with us all….I invite you, and I promise I’ll feel blessed by your sharing.

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Front Cover SPITE

Front Cover SPITE

That’s right, folks! The new novel is ready for release and can be purchased right this minute from LULU, and it will be available through Amazon shortly, if you prefer to wait for that. The sequel to Serve It Cold, SPITE takes Jonny C. Speed and his merry band of mercenaries, misfits, and mini-mart clerks on an exotic trip to mayhem, mystery, murder, and an up close and personal meeting with Jonny’s past.

Don’t miss it! ORDER TODAY!

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Well, my last post or two have been pretty maudlin, even for me. I’m going to keep this one light! Work is fine — big grant turned in today, end of year reporting in process, new goals waiting to be set!  Ron is steadily writing. TV sucks–TG for TIVO and Netflix and our local library! (I love the Hattiesburg Public Library!!!!!)  All are well and healthy and happy. Fourth was great — long weekends in the middle of summer — what could be better? Oh, yeah, CA family at the farm and we didn’t cook (but we did drive)! Life gets better and better! I’m not manic, honest! Just happy….

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