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Slept late, late brunch with Ronnie & dogs milling, anxious for me to play.  Beautiful fall day here in south Mississippi — could not ask for more lovely weather: cool, crisp, sunny, breezy — heaven!

Coloring hair — true, I’m helping God(dess) along in the blonde department — you can’t expect EVERYTHING from anyone, even higher powers!

Then, late afternoon, we’re meeting Barry & Georgia to pick up art for Crow-Baby for Ronnie’s Thursday reading.

Last night was downtown Art Walk, dinner after at “new” Mexican place.  Very relaxing, very wonderful to be outside.  Renewed my love for this city to be out and about, seeing friends, even friends I rarely see anymore.  Wonderful night, beautiful art, incredible fall weather, and my honey by my side.  Really, heaven.


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Blocked…or Not!

I’m just not that into it today…thought I would do a post, but here it is:

Nothing.  I got nothing.  Maybe tomorrow…

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It is that time again….fall migration….and time for our annual fall trip to Dauphin Island. Ron is already on his way with Audubon-types; I expect he has binoculars to his eyes at this minute. I am still at work and waiting with bated breath to depart, car already packed, iPod and phone charging, and keys jingling in my pockets! I wish I could say I’m ready (psychicly and emotionally) to go, too…

It’s been a tough week and I can’t really say why. I feel overwhelmed with no good reason to feel this way. Yesterday at the Shelter, I left crying when I am usually able to keep my composure while I visit the animals. This time, all the empty cages (Tuesday was “euthanasia day”) just seemed so much bleaker and hopeless. Can we really make a difference with a Spay/Neuter clinic on the vast numbers of animals that nobody wants to take care of and that pass to us to “deal with?” Even as I write, I get misty and my gut clenches . . .

And the debates last night just sucked and they made me sad for America and afraid–both for my family and for our country. I can’t go on about that any further; I will vote the way I vote, and I’m finished listening to political dialogues, commentary, and diatribes. The more I hear, the sadder I become and the sicker I feel. But I will vote!

Doggonit! I thought all this hormonal fluctuation would end when I finished menopause, but I think it keeps going, just not enough to be able to produce babies. Maybe I am ready to go to DIAL, ready for a weekend with intermittent cell service and no internet; ready for sun and wind and nature all around me. So I will drive to the island, listening to my favorite songe on the iPod, with the window down and my hair blowing, and I will meet my lover on the island and we will walk on the banks of the sewage lagoons (yes, that’s right! That’s what birders do!) with binoculars to our eyes, looking for migrating warblers and shorebirds…

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