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So, for my birthday, I order a FLIP (NO, not because The Writer forgot — again; he did NOT forget this time — just take a look at the lovely trinket hanging around me neck!).  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do some family videos, to record Faye making cornbread dressing, for example. It came in time for the big day and I happily played with videoing the dogs, videoing our friends here from out of town for my Big Day, even taking it to film a reading a friend was having. Then, to the computer to download, upload and generally have some more fun.


Wouldn’t connect, wouldn’t read, wouldn’t disconnect (yes, that’s the irony…my computer couldn’t see it, but it could see my computer! Go figure!), wouldn’t play with me at all!

Technical support email: “What’s your problem?” (not on their list of problems, so I typed in a long, detailed message about all the things I tried, problem-solved, etc. Hours go by….

“Do you see an orange icon on your WIN desktop?” (FLIP “support” tech)

Me: I told them in the first message that I had a MAC; I told them there was nothing to indicate that the computer recognized the FLIP. What would that mean to YOU?!

“Oh, you have a Mac!” (FLIP “support tech”). More hours pass….next day.

and so forth and so on. I still have a FLIP that won’t let me download the 45 min or so of video I have on it. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do about returning, calling someone else, etc.

Technical support… It’s an oxymoron I could live without. Shoddy workmanship, too. Someday….you MIGHT see a video link posted on my blog…but not today. Thanks, FLIP!

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Living with a working writer….well, that means helping coordinating his speaking schedule with the rest of our lives: switching cars, scheduling equipment rental-pickup-dropoff, making sure clothes are washed, bags packed, cars filled with gas, tires aired up, etc.  Then, while gone and left on home duty alone, there’s childcare (in our case, pet care), family obligations, my own work/job and the volunteer activities that keep on and on and on…it’s a mountain!

So, how’s this different from any other professional person?  Not really so much different except that it seems to come in flurries rather than being a constant.  The Writer may not have a speaking engagement at all one month, followed by three in one week, all punctuated by insanity in the house…and my life, too.

Coping?  Mostly I just ignore it all.  If I forget to fill up a car with gas, he knows how and will just have to leave 10 minutes earlier.  If his preferred clothes aren’t clean and pressed, wear something different.  Cell phone not charged — use car charger during drive.  There are always work-arounds, even when the cable modem breaks in the middle of my work day and the cable people won’t talk to me because my name is “not on the account. Is there another # where Mr. Blackwell can be reached?”  You betcha, buddy!

No, it’s really no different at all from other people’s lives.  Well, no different than our lives have always been . . .

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