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With Spring Break thrust upon us unexpectedly and delightfully, The Writer and I had to make a quick decision as to whether to spend the time traveling or staying home and the “To Do” list — yes, the “honey, do” list works both ways!

We chose Option 1 and hit the road with only a very sketchy plan. The Writer wanted to search for the Golden Cheeked Warbler in central Texas and I wanted to go see exactly what my guardian Angels protected me from in Silver City, NM. With those two goals in mind, we set off.

Ten days later, we’re home: warbler found in Balcones Canyonlands NWF, Silver City reprise playing softly on a waning breeze. Another life bird on the list and another tally mark for the Guardian Angels. While I found Silver City a wonderful place to visit, I think it is too isolated for me to live in comfortably. It is small and I liked that, but I also like being near bigger cities and towns. 50 miles from the nearest interstate…sounds wonderful but the reality, I think, is a little different. Anyway, I am over the Silver City fantasy and ready for a new one!

Two goals, two achievements, two very grateful people – home. Home to the dogs and the bird and our lovely old house and the azaleas & dogwood blooming. Home. Happy. Fulfilled. Spring Break. Everything it should be.


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So, now not only are we visiting the local sewage lagoons regularly for Audubon field trips (with adults) but now we are also taking kids there — in groups — to bird. Yesterday, we took a group of Boy Scouts working on their birding badges, along with their scout masters and their birding guru, Will Selman (see USM Biology Department GA list). It was cold and windy and birdy as heck, given the bad conditions. We didn’t see the large brownbirds we went for but we saw lots of raptors, lots of yellow-rumped warblers, and lots of coots. The kids added several birds to their list (Great Blue Heron; Eastern Bluebird; Red-tailed Hawk; Eastern Phoebe; Yellow-rumped Warblers; Coots; Ruddy Ducks; Purple Martins; and Mallards). Not a bad way to spend even a cold, blustery winter day in the ‘burg.

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