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Whether I planned it or not….well, I guess I didn’t plan NOT TO . . . I ended up writing only this entry during the entire month of May.  So, what happened?  I have no idea.  Yesterday, we were getting back from our DIAL trip, tallying the total count of bird species seen, entering the data into eBird, and then it was today!

I guess a few other things did happen:

  • I started teaching again — a mini-session course in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • We had Mother’s Day with Faye — another wonderful year!
  • We bought a grill and have used it!
  • We planted a container garden and got plants started for our beds;
  • We honored the second anniversary of Ron’s dad’s passing;
  • We had a great long weekend and thanked our friend John for his service to our country with a great Mexican lunch!
  • I wrote and got some grants;
  • Ron wrote and published some columns and did some talks;
  • Three friends decided to retire from the university;
  • One friend (and doctoral student) got a job;
  • Friends celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, graduations; one is planning an upcoming wedding;
  • and then, miscellaneous life.

That’s right.  Life happened.  And it’s been great.  Harried, frantic sometimes, but wonderful.  At times I long for more silence, more solitude.  Then I wish for more parties, more gathering of friends, more, more, more.  It’s clear I don’t know what I want….or perhaps it’s that I want everything!

June is coming in a huff!  I’ll be back online.  And life will just keep rolling along!  See you then!


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