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A month goes by and I haven’t written in the blog. I say I can’t believe it, but I can….now it’s been TWO months! Well, I’m back, for the moment, to talk about life, The Writer, and The Writer’s Wife’s life!

Lemon Tree Oct09

Back Yard Meyer Lemon Tree

September was a fog….classes back in full swing, getting organized for the BIG READ (our NEA grant), writing things other than blog posts, working wit a colleague on some research, seeing to family and family matters, and getting my master bathroom torn out, tiled, and re-plumbed. That rolled into October when we had another MAJOR plumbing job done, The Writer had a root canal, my guilt about classes piled, the weather turned cooler, our lemons turned yellow, and the grass grew.

What can I say?

The Big Read project is almost done. We have a very few activities left, mostly out in our partner libraries. We had a fabulous speaker come in to lecture for the project, Ms. Jane Yolen, who took a wonderful interest in The Writer and gave him some great tips on potential agent contacts. What a classy and smart lady! Ron and I had a great time with her at dinner on her last evening here; another role model there for me: intelligent,

Otek holding Big Read button!

Otek Holding Big Read button!

thoughtful, interesting and interested, active, ….well, you get the picture. I pretty much fell in love!

The Writer had a reading or two during October, one of them for The BIG READ (about sparrowhawks – our book was A Wizard of EarthSea! If you haven’t read it, you’ll just have to in order to understand the sparrowhawk significance!). He is still pumping out articles for the newspapers and people keep encouraging him to do a “collection” of his columns in book form. Yes, that was a project we discussed doing in spring 09 before I got the call back to the classroom….we’ll see what happens there.

DIAL Sunset Marsh 1009

DIAL-Airport Marsh At Sunset (10-09)

And, yes, there was birding done this month: Dauphin Island saw us down for our second PWA field trip of the year: a lucious, perfectly fall weekend with breezes and cool temps and great birds. I didn’t see a single snake! Probably some sort of record for me and probably has something to do with my stubborn refusal to look at the ground. But even without that battling-fear-of-snakes strategy, there were just too many wonderful, colorful, noisy, lovely birds to watch for me to be worried about snakes. Heaven!

So, here we are, just before Halloween. Tomorrow ends another week at work (like I don’t work around the clock and on weekends!) and another week of classes. I pulled a semester calendar today and counted. Only 10 more class meetings for our in-person class. I don’t know how we will move them through all the material they have to get through before end of term! I think I say that each semester, though, and somehow we manage – well, more or less!

And we have begun to look forward to Thanksgiving and our annual trip south to visit with our friends from Miami. It’s been a year since we saw the kids – one in college and the other entered high school this year….

It has all been so fast! I long for a week of those long summer days when you had nothing to do, nowhere to go, no real demands and the days seemed like they lasted a million years. If I had a week of those, maybe I could get caught up!

Well, a Meyer Lemon Pie is awaiting and Grey’s Anatomy will soon be on. Here’s wishing you a …

Happy Halloween!


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