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Back in the Saddle

While I haven’t taken time off from BEING the Writer’s Wife, I have taken time off from this blog! But, perhaps, I am ready to return and renew my commitment to updating the status of my own life and work.

So what WAS I doing during the break? Well, life goes on. We’ve both been writing and working. We’ve graduated nieces, nephews, godchildren from high school & college; we’ve had new babies born into the family, embraced new in-laws, comforted the sick, and paid respects to those who passed on. We’ve played with friends and each other, and sometimes lived in the frozen, silent land of true anger.  Yes, that’s right.  Just life.

The Writer has been busy, too.  He continues to write his weekly columns on birding and has tried (well, that may be a strong word for his idea of marketing; it’s definitely true that his idea of “trying” and mine look very different!) to syndicate with no luck, so he continues to be true to his deadlines and passion with just the two. He published Crow Baby and had some good success with that; even had a very prestigious children’s book author interested enough to give him agents’ names and her endorsement (which he never followed up on!). He is teaching full-time now and loving that, but his writing continues, too. Funny, isn’t it, how the busier we are, the more we seem to get done?????

We’ve traveled a good bit this year – from home west to California (SF area) then home again and down to Miami. Long trips full of wonderful memories and lots of time to think! Busy-ness does not always leave time to do that!

We are home now for the summer; I’m transitioning into a new job, and the Writer continues to teach and write. All is well in our world!

Talk to you soon.

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