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April is hell month for us. It used to be a great month, a time spent gardening and getting our yard in shape for the long, hot summer ahead. A slow time, with cool breezes, warm showers, and time. At least that’s how I remember Aprils in my past.

Now, April is spring migration, a birder’s busiest and most frantic time: it’s the time when, if you want to see migrants passing through, you run hither, finding various bird magnets and staking out a space with binocs held to eyes. If they’re not in Dauphin Island, surely they’re in Gulfport. If the weather is bad at 10 p.m., we need to leave home at 3 to get to the shore woods by dawn….birds will surely be holding over there and more flying in from the south.


Well, The Writer is gone off doing just that…spinning around, looking for the migrants as they make their way north.

I? Well, I’m sitting still this week: going to work, attending a baby shower, taking care of house and pets, bills, and life detritis. Exciting as seeing Painted buntings, which generally send the least avid birder into paroxyms of delight? Hardly. But I like it. Still and slow are just fine by me.

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