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Lin-Winter 2008

Lin-Winter 2008

Here in the fake winter wonderland of my office (fake because it’s indoors but similarities include freezing temperatures and gray overhead, despite multitudes of lights!), I’m decorated, bundled, singing along with my iPod full of Christmas tunes, and waiting for the REAL holidays to begin! Thanks to our president, we will end our Fall term on Friday and we will not return to duty until Jan. 5, 2009, a brand new year! Originally we were scheduled to return to work next Monday and then again on Friday, Jan 2. Don’t ask me; it was senseless. However, saner heads prevailed and the decision was made to release us for two whole weeks of paid leave! Yay!

Not that we have plans, mind you. We’re staying home, at least as far as I know now!, and despite my wonderlust! So, I’ll content myself with looking at pictures of wonderful places we’ve traveled on my desktop and sing carols to the season, here in the work-a-day winter wonderland.

Happy Holiday to all, and to all a blessed day!

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