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with Thanksgiving and our annual trip to FL to meet with our our Vilberg family of choice. We once again stayed at the Residence Inn in Gainesville, which we highly recommend for its sheer livability, privacy, and s1142391911_221321_3293natural beauty. Right outside our door we had a small pond (alligators removed for safety) full of Great Egrets, Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, and Ibis. Quite a show every morning and evening.

Spring Creek Restaurant

Spring Creek Restaurant

On the way down on Wednesday, we detoured not too far out of the way to go to Spring Creek, FL to eat at one of our favorite places (see right). Spring Creek Restaurant is well known by both locals and gourmands for the quality country seafood they cook, especially FL Mullet, which Ronnie eats every time we go. This time, I had the broiled shrimp special, which was out of this world! it’s a Winner every time and well worth the short detour!

Then, on Thursday there was T’giving dinner, cooked between our two apartments with minimal equipment. Still, we managed to produce a roasted turkey breast, a ham, veggies, and wonderful desert. Not too bad for a throw-down!

And, on Friday we drove to Payne’s Prairie south of Gainesville where we avoided the shopping madness and the FL-FSU football madness (even tho the game was in Tallahassee). Watching bald eagles soar, hearing cranes clacking in the distance, and watching calling wrens in the verge was a VERY pleasant way to walk off the glut of the day before. Plus we got some good barbecue in Micanopy!

Lake Alice

Lake Alice

Then back to Gainesville and to Lake Alice for the evening BIG SHOW — the bats coming out of their little house (see right)Bat House at Lake Alice to fly around the town gathering the stinging, biting, gnawing little critters that drive us all mad. We were a little worried that they might not come out because it was pretty cold in Gainesville, but just at deep dusk, they began to emerge. They kept coming out, even after dark, while a large crowd oohed and ahhed as bats swirled around us on their way to dinner. Lucky, lucky us to get to see such a wonderful natural event such as this. If you’re ever in the area, please take this piece of advice and visit Lake Alice. There is a lovely shorebird exhibit each morning and evening, and, even if the bats don’t fly the evening you’re there, you can hear them chitter as you stroll Lake Alice’s banks. Just watch out for the gators!

EdwardOn Saturday, Marion took us to see TWILIGHT. Ron had not read the book but I think it just as well. It’s definitely a chick flick but we all enjoyed it — well, Marion wasn’t too keen when the “adults” in the group broke out into loud laughter at some of the “adult” parts, like when Dad was cleaning his gun! You gotta see it to get it….sorry. Anyway, the movie, then Cuban food, then our friends Bev & Jon in the evening for desert — Marion made Egg Pie by Faye’s recipe, straight out of Crow Baby! What a wonderful way to end the weekend! And to begin the holiday season . . .Happy Holidays.


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